Creaky Lantern Games is an independent video games studio. Our latest release is the official game based on the movie based on the one and only 80's action vigilante STREET CLEANER in Street Cleaner: The Video Game. We made Aeternum, a side scrolling bullet hell cute-em-up. We're working hard on a number of projects, including an arcade inspired vertical shmup called Glory Gunner.

Announcing -- Street Cleaner 3


The Street Cleaner is back! Return to the streets in this sequel to the retro action platformer that brought the synth musician to your home PC and consoles. Plenty of new stages and bosses to continue the vigilante action, and a whole lot more like new characters and abilities!
Featuring the actual complete next Street Cleaner album as a soundtrack, with all the dance beats and brutal synth attacks you love!

Head over to StreetCleaner3.com NOW and Wishlist today to stay up to date for release, and help us make this game a success!

Coming 2024 to PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

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Street Cleaner: The Video Game OUT NOW

Now on Nintendo Switch!

That's right! Street Cleaner: The Video Game has come full circle and found it's home on the Nintendo Switch console! And it's OUT NOW with a launch discount of 15% to boot. Get it through the eShop online, or search for "street cleaner" on your console.

The BIG Box Special Edition

Now, for a limited time, you can own the definitive PC release of the epic adventure of Jack Slade. Get the game, the Music From and Inspired By CD album, the game guide, and unique to this box the epic poster of Slade facing off with the final boss, The Great Gadfly!

Buy yours now at the online store, or at Bandcamp!

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Come hang out with the Creaky Lantern Games devs, and the Street Cleaner himself on our Discord server! Talk games, wrestling, synthwave, all that fun stuff.

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Street Cleaner 3 Coming 2024

Street Cleaner: The Video Game Out now on Steam

Aeternum Out now on Steam

Harriet Fortune: Glory Gunner In development