Street Cleaner 3

After years spent in hiding, the Street Cleaner becomes caught up on the trail of a mystery leading to his greatest foe yet, but this time he's not alone! Delinquent high-school brawler Honoko, and rival turned ally Cogex join in on the action, not to mention the trusty blue pup. Fight your way through locations new and remembered and swing back into the vigilante action in an all new 8-bit retro action platformer sequel to the original Street Cleaner: The Video Game that's bigger, badder, and better than ever before.


Street Cleaner: The Video Game is an action platformer in the style of 8-bit classics from the 1980's. Based on the alter ego of real life synthwave musician Street Cleaner, the game follows the character of Jack Slade the from the fictional series of vigilante films, as things would be if he had made the transition to a licensed video game in that era. Make no mistake, while this game may look like a blast from the past, the gameplay is a product of more modern times. While the game is tough, there's no lives or instant death to worry about here! You can feel free to enjoy the experience no matter what your skill level may be, thanks to the built in "Assist Mode" options.

Wishlist on Steam

Street Cleaner: 3 will be available on PC via Steam. Wishlist the game to get notified when it release, and help spread the word!

Coming to Nintendo Switch

Street Cleaner 3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch soon after launching on PC.

The Soundtrack

Not content to just make a game soundtrack, the Street Cleaner 3 OST is a brand new, fully fledged album release by Street Cleaner with over 20 tracks of dance beats and driving dark synth.

Available on Bandcamp when the game releases!


  • The latest album release by Street Cleaner written as the complete sound track. Over twenty tracks of trademark dance beats and dark synth.
  • Take control of the Street Cleaner and two new playable characters with different play styles and new abilities.
  • Stage based platforming action, with plenty of thrilling boss fights.
  • Stylish 8-bit retro aesthetics combined with modern visual flair like large scale pixel animations, parallax scrolling backgrounds and particle effects.
  • In game controller/keyboard remapping for convenience and accessibility.
  • Optional Assist settings, let you control things like damage taken, ammo used, double jump, knock back, etc. let you play exactly the way you want to.
  • Extra character based modes, and hard mode for extended replay value.


Street Cleaner 3 is a fantastic game for people who like to speed run games and for people who enjoy watching skilled game play. The optional in game timer helps you keep track of how well you're doing on individual stages, and the end game score screen gives you a complete view of your runs. Join the Discord community for hints and tips. And check out the official leaderboards on SpeedRun.com. Submit your times and take part in the fun!